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Studio opening times* 
Mon -Fri       0700 - 2200
Sat                  0700 - 2100
Sun                 0800 - 2100
*Times may vary slightly depending on classes

Agile Pilates
16 England’s Lane
Belsize Park, London
Tel: 020 7483 2345
Mob: 07706 800 730



What should I wear for a class?
Wear whatever you feel most comfortable at, but keep in mind that too loose clothing might not allow for body/posture corrections if needed. No shoes. Socks are optional but if you do decide to wear them, they have to be grip (Pilates) socks.

How do I know if Pilates is for me?
The Pilates Method has been designed very carefully offering many options which can be tailored to the individual; customised for any BODY, any AGE, any ABILITY. Pilates is for Everyone! We also offer 30 mins introductory session, during which your goals and expectations can be discussed.

Why is Pilates good at strengthening muscles?
Because it strengthens them uniformly, no muscle groups are overworked or worked without the support of others. Pilates is a movement technique which strengthens the whole body.

How soon can I start Pilates after pregnancy?
You can start the postnatal Pilates upon satisfactory postnatal check at 6 weeks following natural birth or 8-10 weeks following the Caesarean Section.