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The studio

Agile Pilates is a boutique Pilates studio, offering semi private (small group) and private Pilates classes. 

Semi private
Our small classes of 3, are designed to give focused attention to you and your body, to maximise your learning experience, for a more effective approach. 

Our 1:1 classes are ideal for anyone who wants a bespoke class that focuses on your personal Pilates needs, helping you to develop and strengthen at your own personal pace, for highly desirable results.



REFORMER Beginners course

Beginner Course 4 Week Course

Reformer foundation will take you through the anatomy of the Pilates reformer, where you will get to grips with basic movements and knowledge. This slow paced intimate class will allow you to build your confidence before joining our regular class.

Suitable for beginners.

Reformer Beginners/ Intermediate

Here we re-enforce the foundation of Pilates working at a moderate pace to build strength, flexibility, posture and alignment. Allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your practice.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate level.

Reformer Intermediate / Advance

This class is a faster paced class designed for experienced students. Expect to work hard and build on your existing knowledge whilst you challenge your whole body system. 

Suitable for intermediate and advanced level.

Power Pilates REFORMER

Power offers a dynamic workout that focuses on core strength, flexibility, body control and endurance. This class puts a fast-paced spin on Reformer Pilates and incorporates aerobic exercises, jump-board and strengthening sequences. 

Suitable for intermediate and advanced level.

Pilates Circuits

Circuits offers a dynamic combination  class using the Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel. Bringing a new level of challenge to your workout. This faster pace class brings focus to strength and endurance, but still true to the pilates principles 

Suitable for intermediate and advanced level.

CARDIO Reformer

In our Cardio Reformer class we use Jumpboard (Reformer accessory) to create a dynamic, cardiovascular workout that also focuses on core strength, flexibility and body control. This very energetic class will give you a full body workout, so get ready to work hard and sweat.

Suitable for all levels.

Tower Beginners/ Intermediate 

Tower foundation reinforces the fundamentals and Pilates principals whilst getting to grips with this amazing piece of equipment. Strengthening the whole body, here you will improve mobility, flexibility and posture.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate level.

Tower Intermediate/Advance 

Designed for Intermediate-Advanced students, we use the Tower for a dynamic workout that focuses on core strength, flexibility, body control. In this moderate paced class, get ready to work hard.

Suitable for intermediate and advanced level.


Agile Pilates has developed these classes specifically for pregnant women and new mums. Designed to help prepare for childbirth and to get you back into shape following the birth.

These classes are designed for pregnant women, who are not experiencing any complications during their pregnancy, as well as for new mothers upon a satisfactory postnatal check at 6 weeks following a natural birth or 8-10 weeks following a Caesarean Section. You should always check with your doctor before signing up to these classes.