Agi first fell in love with Pilates at South Beach Studio, overlooking a beach in Miami. After searching for years unsuccessfully to find a Pilates Studio in London that she connected with, a move to Miami found her everything she had been looking for in her fitness regime. Diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – of the Hypermobility type - and suffering from chronic back pain, Pilates gave her a discipline that felt effortless when she needed it to be but challenging when she wanted. 

Agi’s experience with Pilates was so life changing that not only did it give her the opportunity to breathe, grow stronger and find balance in her own life, but it gave her a desire to show others that Pilates is for everyone of any age and ability, not just professionals with backgrounds in sport, dancing or gymnastics.

Today Agi is fully trained and certified to teach Pilates - including Equipment Based Pilates - and her vision to create a warm approachable studio in London, that people will come to find as a dependable retreat, has been realised.